I took an intro to design class because a breathtakingly attractive girl I knew was taking it. I fell in love...

and not with the girl.

Designing for Car Sharing

Cars have long given their user a sense of freedom and control, but times are changing. We are hungry for a new and evolved form of automobile ownership. Car sharing is growing rapidly. It is now our responsibility to redesign the automobile systems, from inside and out, to better meet the values and needs of these non-traditional drivers.

Thank you to Gert-Dieter Tuzar and all those who took the time to talk about transportation with me.

Measuring Shock

Working with the UW Center for Commercialization, we developed a design solution for one of their group’s emerging shock-monitoring medical technologies. Surgery is scary; keeping this in mind we tried to create a medical device that promotes a comforting interaction between patient and machine, while maintaining clarity and ease of use for the medical staff. Our final design has the versatility to be optimized in a variety of hospital scenarios with our mounting system solution.

Thank you to Ken, Lori and Wayne for sharing your insights and inspiring us along the way.

Rethinking Prosthetics

When you loose a limb the loss transcends the physical, it affects the psyche, the soul and the way you are perceived. Why not use that your advantage? Let us turn the term handi-capped into handi-capable. Let us turn the term dis-abled into ultra-abled. Let us empower those who might have lost hope to go out and challenge the world to see them as nothing less then who they are.

A special thanks to Brandon, the VA hospital, and all those who took the time to share their stories with us.


Americans waste 20-25% of their food purchased. Tupaware is a smart food storage system that alerts users when its contents are beginning and passing their expiration. Powered by Arduino, C++, and temperature sensors, once a user has made a food selection Tupaware sets a dynamic expiration countdown based on the ambient temperature and type of food being stored. When the food is starting to spoil a series of LED lights show the status of the food.

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